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Container Depot

Shipping Lines Company always needs container depot for managing their equipments in every local port. Container depot is very important to support this industry. Container depot will maintain all containers including storage, washing and maintenance.Realtime information eg. Stock Report / Availabilty , etc is very useful when they need to arrange export-import schedule.

Spacious  Yard  

We offer spacious containers yard up to 50.000 sqm or 5000 teus approximately to support our operation and can be enlarged to 100.000 sqm as per requirements.

Modern Equipments

Depot is equipped with  modern equipments. We have a brandnew units empty container handler, forklift to support lifting activity. Total equipment are 4 units.

Professional Team

PT. ADJI BAYU CIPTA has 42 permanent employees, 25 repair crew,10 trucker driver. and 3 group shift security. They are well trained in each appropriate position


Electricity Power  200kVA

Depot needs a reliable electricity power supply for all activities. To sustain them can work properly, depot is equipped with suitable electrical equipments like high performance transformator, private electrical supply from PLN ( Perusahaan Listrik Negara) and not share with the other user.

Generator Backup 40kVA

Electricity is very importance for all activities. For backup them, We provide a brandnew silent generator 40 kVA with Automatic Transfer Switch ( ATS). It is very helpful, if there are any trouble(s) on main power supply, generator will work automatically and no needs operator to switch manually.

Reefer Plug for PTI 

Depot conducts  PTI ( Pre-Trip Inspection) and or pre-cooling before release to shipper  to make sure the engine of reefer container can work properly and good condition.
There are 16 plugs reefer container available and ready to use whenever we need to use it.